SCIGHERA Frizzante-Ancestrale-




Unfiltered SPARKLING wine – PET NAT  – Sur lie- ANCESTRAL METHOD

This unique sparkling wine is produced using the so called “Ancestral
Method”. The grape juice is cleaned and after the fermentation starts it is
immediately bottled. The second fermentation occurs within the bottle in
an anaerobic environment creating the conditions of natural
effervescence without the addition of yeasts or sugars. The product does
not undergo disgorgement. For this reason, a slight veil of sediment
remains within the bottle that determines a milky visual effect on
inspecting the wine.
Scighera is deliberately left unfiltered to preserve the overall natural
organoleptic characteristics.

GRAPE VARIETY : pecorino 100%
COLOUR: white
ALCOHOL : 13 % vol
PRESSION: 2.5 bar- CAP: Crown cap
SOIL: medium texture, argillaceus -calcareus
Vineyard EXPOSURE: South-West
DENSITY: 4.500 plants/hectare
Age: 30 years
YIELD: 8.000 kg/hectare
HARVEST: Hand selection and harvest in early September

WINEMAKING: Fermentation with indigenous yeasts under controlled
temperature in stainless steel tank. Bottling of the partially fermented
must-wine with residual sugar still present. The wine rests throughout
the winter and then naturally ends the alcoholic fermentation in the
bottle, without further addition of must or sugars, when the warm season
starts. The wine comes out two -three years after the harvest.
Unfiltered wine, not clarified, not stabilized, without
disgorgement , without the addition of sulfur dioxide. The natural CO2
present produced during fermentation acts as a natural antioxidant. The
residual yeast present in the bottle on the bottom that makes this wine
veiled, gives softness and complexity to the wine

TASTING NOTES: pink with a purple nuance; floral and fruity hints of
red berries, citrus notes from pink grapefruit together with hints of bread
crust. In the mouth it is lively, medium-bodied, with very fine perlage,
soft foam supported by good acidity. Good persistence, light and
drinkable The residual yeasts enrich the wine with hints that give depth
and thickness. It is a living wine.

SERVING SUGGESTION: 6-8 °C . We recommend serving wine bringing
the yeasts in suspension. Do not open immediately after transport,
better let it rest for a few hours.

FOOD-PAIRING: Thirst-quenching wine, to be drunk as an aperitif
happily with friends or to pair appetizers, salami , first courses and
even tasty meat.

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