Extra virgin organic Olive Oil ORGILLA



Olio extravergine di Oliva ORGILLA- Az. Agr. FIORANO-Cossignano (AP)-Marche

This quality oil is produced exclusively from organic olives picked by hand and  certified by   CPPB . The oil is a blend of several types of olive -leccino, frantoio, pendolino, sargano and Oliva tenera ascolana. These latter three types are authentic species from the Picenum province. When the season allows, the farm Fiorano produces also a type of oil made by only Oliva Tenera Ascolana olives (“monocultivar Tenera Ascolana”). The harvest is finely timed to take place when the fruit changes colour from green to brown/black. This happens between the beginning of October and the end of October, with an average daily harvest of 800-1000 kg. Pressing takes place within 12 hours to ensure the quality of the oil and to keep level of acidity and peroxides extremely low.

Olive grow The 5 hectares of hillside is made up of a limestone-clay soil and faces South-West. We have 1300 olive trees. The area is covered with grass to prevent land erosion. Density:250 olive trees/hectare Average age of plants: 30 years Average production: 30 kg/plant Mean % oil extraction: 11%

Profile Category: slightly fruity/ medium fruity The oil displays a good “fruitiness” of medium intensity or slight intensity (depending on the season), with green tones. To the nose and palate the oil has a hint of artichoke, freshly cut grass, tomato and almond. The aroma and taste are balanced and in perfect harmony.

Pressing Method of extraction: “cold” pressing (maximum temperature 27°C) with a two  phase continuous cycle; blade crusher-seed extractor, organic certificated oil mill)

Storage In air-light steel containers.

Bottling The oil is bottled without filtering but undergoes natural decanting. For this reason, the product may have a sediment of tiny particles of olive pulp.

Bottling in 2022 : in bottles of 0,50 and 0,75 litres -Acidity: 0,38 % oleic acid ( max limit 0,8) Peroxides : 15.9  meq/kg –  Biophenols: 336 mg/kg



  • 2005 – Quality Mention, competition OLEA “L’oro delle Marche”
  • 2006 – I prize “best extravirgin oil” of Le Marche, regionale competition “L’oro delle Marche”
  • 2008 – “High Quality mention” at the regional competition “L’oro delle Marche”
  • 2009 – II° prize (first italian oil) “Best International extravirgin oil” at the World Organic Trade Fair “BIOFACH”, Nuremberg
  • 2009 – Quality Mention competition OLEA “L’oro delle Marche”
  • 2011 – “Best oil” in the “TOP TEN” extravirgin oils at the World Organic Trade Fair “BIOFACH”, Nuremberg
  • 2012 – II nd prize competition OLEA “L’Oro delle Marche” either for blend oil type or for “monovarietale Oliva Tenera Ascolana”
  • 2012 – GOLD MEDAL at the International competition BIOL
  • 2012 – International Prize “TOP 20” for best quality production on december, 16, 2012, Rome, in the International Extravirgin Oil Guide “FLOS OLEI 2013” of Marco Oreggia
  • 2015- Quality Mention competition OLEA “L’oro delle Marche”
  • 2016- “CHIOCCIOLA SLOW” in the “Guida agli Extravergini 2016”  Slow Food Editor, among only 18 Farms in Italy
  • 2017-Azienda “CHIOCCIOLA SLOW” in the  “Guida agli Extravergini 2017” di Slow Food Editor
  • 2018-Azienda CHIOCCIOLA SLOW in Guida agli extravergini – Slow Food
  • 2018– 4 Gocce d’ORO concorso Olea “L’oro delle Marche”
  • 2018– 90 punti in Guide ” Flos Olei”- Marco Oreggia
  • 2019- 4 GOCCE D’ ORO– Concorso regionale ORO DELLE MARCHE 
  • 2020- 4 GOCCE D’ ORO– Concorso regionale ORO DELLE MARCHE 
  • 2021- 4 GOCCE D’ ORO– Concorso regionale ORO DELLE MARCHE 
  • 2020-Azienda “CHIOCCIOLA SLOW” per la “Guida agli Extravergini 2020” di Slow Food
  • 2021-Azienda “CHIOCCIOLA SLOW” per la “Guida agli Extravergini 2021” di Slow Food
  • 2022-Azienda “CHIOCCIOLA SLOW” per la “Guida agli Extravergini 2022” di Slow Food
  • 2023-Azienda “CHIOCCIOLA SLOW” per la “Guida agli Extravergini 2023” di Slow Food
  • 2023- 90 punti in Guida ” Flos Olei”- Marco Oreggia
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