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DONNA ORGILLA Offida Pecorino

Offida pecorino DONNA ORGILLA dell’azienda Agricola Fiorano- Cossignano- Marche

We celebrate 30 years of activity by making a restyling of our most famous label and precisely the OFFIDA PECORINO DOCG ” DONNA ORGILLA ”

The new label designed by  the Piceno artist  LARA PIGNOTTI , is a tribute to the history of Cossignano and its most famous woman , the medieval castellan DONNA ORGILLA. The woman’s hair is in the wind and her sinuous, lithe body speaks of grace and beauty as a white wine does. In the background the watercolor of the Picene hills gives lightness to the design, embellished by the gold of the flowers and grasses placed on Donna Orgilla’s dress and in her hair to evoke the main scents of the wine

BOOKING score 2023: 9.6!

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Punteggio – Booking award for 2022 year

FIORANO turns 30 !

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In January 2023 we celebrated 30 years of uninterrupted agricultural activity. An important milestone that has brought us much satisfaction and that we are celebrating throughout 2023 with various events at the winery. It is not easy these days to run a business always pursuing one’s goals and chasing one’s dreams. Still, we think we have accomplished a lot even though much always needs to be done.

In addition, on the occasion of this important anniversary, we have proceeded with a restyling of some historical labels such as DONNA ORGILLA pecorino and TERRE DI GIOBBE superior Piceno red. More events are expected . Stay with us and follow us


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We will attend VINITALY 2023 in Verona  2/5 April

You find us at HAll 8- AREA FIVI-E8/E9 desk 3


azienda fiorano marche a vinitaly 2023-pad 8 area fivi



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azienda fiorano marche vinitaly 2023

azienda fiorano marche a vinitaly 2023-pad 8 area fivi

Saremo presenti alla prossima edizione VINITALY 2023 a Verona dal 2 al 5 Aprile . Ci trovate al Padiglione 8-AREA FIVI- E8/E9 desk 3


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Saremo a Prowein- Dusseldorf -Germany dal 19 al 21 marzo per una delle fiere più importanti del vino. Ci trovate al Pad. 16-G42-Stand Piccoli produttori/Grandi Vini

azienda fiorano at prowein 2023


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Torna dopo due 2 anni , la più originale manifestazione del vino ideata da Luigi Veronelli nel 2003 . Ci troverete, come sempre, quindi presso lo spazio Leoncavallo di Via Watteau dal 25 al 27 Novembre a Milano

terra trema-fiorano-milano

terra trema 2002 leoncavallo -fiorano-marche

Fiorano al MERCATO dei VINI-FIVI- 26-27-28 Nov- Piacenza

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Torna l’evento più atteso dell’anno con il MERCATO dei VINI-FIVI a Piacenza i prossimi 26-27-28 Novembre a Piacenza. Più di 850 vignaioli artigianali in 3 padiglioni pronti a farvi degustare ottimi vini

L’azienda Fiorano  si trova  presso il  PADIGLIONE 2-corsia P-stand 1

fiorano alla fivi

l’azienda fiorano delle marche partecipa al mercato FIVI a piacenza


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“Snail”  award of the SLOW FOOD guide to  FIORANO ORGILLA EVO OIL

Slow Food’s Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 has been in distribution for a few days. The compass book that every year helps consumers disentangle themselves from the complex and articulated world of quality oil has awarded the “SNAIL”  to our farm for the production of the organic oil “Orgilla”.

The SNAIL  is the certificate of excellence awarded to Italian oil producers who stand out for their organoleptic, territorial and environmental values in line with Slow Food’s ‘good, clean and fair’ philosophy.  Belonging to the ‘medium/light fruity’ category, Orgilla organic oil has a good ‘fruitiness’ of medium to medium/light intensity depending on the year. On the nose, scents of artichoke, cut grass and a mix of tomato and almond stand out.

premio Fiorano- CHIOCCIOLA SLOW 2022 Olio ORGILLA



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Happy to have won the gold medal for TERRE di GIOBBE -Rosso Piceno Superiore- at the International Organic Award 2022 (91 points ) and the SILVER MEDAL for the Pecorino DOCG DONNA ORGILLA (89 points)

TERRE DI GIOBBE gold medal international bio wine award 2022

medaglia d’oro al TERRE di GIOBBE rosso piceno superiore , della azienda agricola FIORANO all’International Organic Wine Award 2022


SILVER MEDAL medaglia d’argento al International Organci wine award 2022