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DONNA ORGILLA Offida Pecorino

Offida pecorino DONNA ORGILLA dell’azienda Agricola Fiorano- Cossignano- Marche

We celebrate 30 years of activity by making a restyling of our most famous label and precisely the OFFIDA PECORINO DOCG ” DONNA ORGILLA ”

The new label designed by  the Piceno artist  LARA PIGNOTTI , is a tribute to the history of Cossignano and its most famous woman , the medieval castellan DONNA ORGILLA. The woman’s hair is in the wind and her sinuous, lithe body speaks of grace and beauty as a white wine does. In the background the watercolor of the Picene hills gives lightness to the design, embellished by the gold of the flowers and grasses placed on Donna Orgilla’s dress and in her hair to evoke the main scents of the wine

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