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The IGT Marche Rosso SER Balduzio“, a Montepulciano 100%, has been  acknowledged for the second consecutive year  as   WINE BEST OF BIOduring the international tasting that takes place every year in Austria / Germany ,  with the participation of organic wines from all over Europe. The prestigious award which joins the others previously attributed to this wine denote the good work done so far for the interpretation of a vine excellent but difficult as the Montepulciano.

From the website of the Best of BIO: In 2014 we awarded the year 2009. This year the year 2010. Perhaps, to test the jury. Test passed, I would say.
The jury (to tell the truth a completely different from the last year) has awarded the wine again. No wonder!
The Ser Balduzio is a real precious gem. Next to delicate wood notes, it presents especially hints of coffee, blackberries and cherries. Full-bodied and passionate. So go ahead!
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